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Model Number: V300MD


  • Preferred Australia 98% whole macadamia nuts 
  • Handmade baking
  • Exclusive new low temperature baking method
  • No anti-corrosion, color enhancement, vulcanization processing
  • Rich in vitamins and proteins
  • Precise fire control, strict quality control
  • Vacuum-packed, the taste is perfect


  • No added salt, oil, sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, bleaching agents, nutritious and delicious.
  • Raw materials are refrigerated into the cabinet, temperature control and fresh-keeping in the warehouse, quality assurance.
  • Strictly selected American quality fresh nuts.
  • Appropriate amount of nut calories to supplement healthy vitality.
  • This series is packed in a vacuum to give fresh and delicious nuts for you.
  • Meet the inspection standards of SGS, giving you quality product and peace of mind.

Classic Whole Macadamia Nuts - 300g